Goal! Spanish Soccer Team Plays 200 Children and Doesn't Even Let Them Win

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Spanish soccer team Athletic Bilbao played a charity game against 200 children earlier this week. Lucky for us, some of the 20,000 fans in attendance were kind enough to post videos of the "football" game, as it's called over there, to YouTube.

The grown-ups won 5-3, but that's probably because there were only 100 kids on the field at a time. If they had let all 200 of the niños play simultaneously -- well, juego encima ("game over").

The match, called "el partido impossible" ("the impossible game"), was played in honor of Athletic Bilbao superstar Joseba Etxeberria, who is retiring after a 15-year career, according to British news site Metro.

We can think of three reasons not to try this stunt here in the United States. First, Metro says it is not clear how many of the 200 young players actually touched the ball, something that would be unacceptable in our "everybody gets a chance to play" culture. Second, the poor parent in charge of bringing snacks to the game would practically go broke from the grocery bill. And finally, the "nice game" handshakes at the end would take all day.

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