Would You Feed Your Baby Pop Rocks?

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Once you pop, you can't stop?

From the looks of this baby boy, probably not. In the nearly three-year-old video, Baby Beckett's mom and dad gave the tot a single Pop Rock "in the name of experimental parenting." After Beckett's dad places the patented candy -- which contains tiny pockets of carbonation -- on his son's tongue, the boy's eyes get wide, seemingly overcome by the taste sensation. Or perhaps it was just plain shock at his parents' willingness to make him a guinea pig?

We're not sure what Beckett will be given next, but maybe in a few years he'll be able to debunk the Pop Rocks and Coke urban legend for all his preschool friends.

Turns out Beckett's parents aren't alone -- there's a somewhat disturbing number of YouTube videos posted by parents who want to share baby's first Pop Rocks experience with online universe, like the mother of 13-month-old Monica:

Kids aren't the only ones serving as mini science experiments -- this poor chihuahua doesn't look psyched to have his kibble replaced with carbonated candy:

What do you think: Should parents give kids (and dogs) Pop Rocks? Are these videos funny or irresponsible?

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