Some Kids Celebrate Graduation By Pouring Vodka (Yes, Vodka) on Their Eyes

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Vodka shots are for mouths, not eyes. And only for those 21 and up. Credit: Getty Images

Hey kids, thinking of sticking your face in an electric fan?

Don't do it. It hurts.

The same is true about pouring alcohol in your eyes.

You might think anyone who made it through 12 years of public education, let alone four years of college, might be able to figure out that alcohol and eyeballs don't mix.

But the Washington Examiner reports "eyeballing," the practice of dousing one's eyeballs in vodka, is a popular party stunt among the young and stupid. And, according to the Examiner's website, police in D.C. are particularly concerned about the practice with graduation coming up.

They fear newly minted grads might just celebrate years of education by blinding themselves. Students heading off to the area's annual Beach Week also raise concerns.

Eyeballing "gets you drunker faster on a lot less vodka," optometrist Stephen Glasser tells the Examiner. "When you go through your eye to your sinuses, it is close to straight injection. The alcohol absorbs into the bloodstream right away."

Maryland optometrist Alan Glazier compares eyeballing to an alcohol enema.

"In essence, you could melt the cornea," he tells the Examiner.

Eyeballing caught American teens' attention through a London tabloid. Now you can watch hundreds of YouTube videos showing teens screaming in agony as the vodka hits their eyeballs. Naturally, some kids just have to try such searing pain for themselves.

"Younger teens who are the high school drinkers are the ones who are going to end up trying to do this," Mike Gimbel, the president of Mike Gimbel Associates, a substance abuse consulting firm in Maryland, tells the Examiner.

"They are going to go to Ocean City, and some of these idiots are going to do it and make themselves blind," adds Gimbel, who was also Baltimore County's drug "czar" for 30 years.

Gimbel tells the Examiner he's sending out immediate alerts to state police, schools and parents.

"Every time, it was a big spectacle where people were like 'what the hell is that kid doing,' " one graduate tells the website.

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