How to Play: Select Fruit

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Each player gets a fruity name. Credit: A Gude, Flickr

What you need: A blindfold.

How to play: Divide players into two teams and have them sit down facing each other 20 feet apart. Each child is given a fruit name, such as apple, pear, plum, etc. One player on one of the teams is blindfolded, and a player from the opposite team gets up, walks over to the blindfolded player and touches him. That player then returns to his seat, staying in the same position he was in before the player was blindfolded.

The rules:
The blindfold is then removed from the player's eyes, and he or she must guess which player touched him or her. If that player guesses correctly, the player who touched him or her is out of the game. If that player guesses incorrectly, that player is out of the game.

How to win: Play goes to the opposite team and continues until one of the teams loses all of its players. The remaining team wins.

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