We Tried It: Jeans Diapers

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Denim Diapers? Huggies has to be kidding.

As it tuns out, they are.

Next week, Huggies will air a cheeky ad for its new limited edition jean diapers. The opening line? "My diaper is full -- full of chic."

The rest of the ad, which continues down the scatological path, was so objectionable that three networks required edits before they would accept it, The New York Times reports. But the 30-second spot is worth a few chuckles, which is more than you can say for most uber-earnest baby ads. After all, when you're constantly changing poop-filled diapers, you've got to find some humor in it, right?

You have to give props to mega-brand. For a product that, for most parents, has just a few simple criteria (Is it on sale? Will it not leak all over my kid/her crib/the couch/my shirt?), it's hard to stand out.

Meanwhile, competitor Pampers has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The company's new Dry Max diapers have been slammed by parents who are demanding a recall, claiming the diapers cause chemical burns. Ouch. Maybe Huggies was smart to just try aesthetics as a sales gimmick.

And gimmick it certainly is. But, like any decent fad (especially a denim fad), it's probably good for a short run. And at the same price as the originals, there's nothing lost in giving them a try. (I can't say the same for the boyfriend jeans I bought last year that now sit in the back of my closet. )

I was skeptical when I opened the package. The color is spot-on dark blue like denim, but also slightly resembles a regular diaper that someone attacked with a drying-out Magic Marker. The dye also seems to make the diaper oddly stiff, not soft like normal diapers. But the "stitching" for seams and pockets is realistic, and when it's on the baby, really does give the effect that she's wearing denim. It's cute. Very cute.

Poo in blue. Credit: Amber Porter

Now, how long until they come out with animal prints?

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