Would You Buy a "Mud Pie Maker"? For $40?

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Hey kids! It's summer! Time to get outside, play in the mud and -- wait! You're doing it all wrong! You need to make PERFECT pies using the newest toy from Little Tykes: The Makin' Mud Pies Kitchen Set.

And to think it's only $40! Here -- check it out!

What made you think you could possibly make mud pies on your own? Are you a baby Martha Stewart or something? Splish-splashing without state-of-the-art equipment is just asking to fail! Try putting that on your Princeton application: "I made lumpy pies and some of them looked so fake even my baby sister wouldn't eat them."


But now, as the folks at Little Tykes say on their site, you can "make a perfect mud pie every time with this amazing outdoor kitchen set." Hear that? PERFECT. The set comes with a plastic mixing bowl, sieve, dirt shaker, ladle, measuring cup and a pie plate/mold. That's $40 well spent! Otherwise, what were you planning to use to make your pies in? A bucket? A bottle cap? Your hand?

And then I suppose you'd use your "imagination" to make the pies seem "real"? Please! Childhood is too important to leave to the imagination! Besides, we've moved way beyond it. It was only in the olden days that kids had to play with sticks -- plain, old sticks they'd find on the ground. One minute the stick was a sword, the next minute a light saber, the next minute a magic wand. But really -- it was just a stick.

Now, thank goodness, parents can get their kids real toys. A real Harry Potter ™ wand. A real Star Wars ™ light sabre. A real Kung-Fun Panda ™ sword. These may take up a lot of space under the bed, but at least today's kids don't have to keep taxing their creativity imagining this, imagining that. And if they want to imagine something else, like a princess or a pirate, well their parents can just whip out their credit cards and buy them everything they need for that, too! Like a Sparkly Arielle outfit for $39.50, or one of those $59.99 Pirates of the Caribbean costumes. That way no one has to keep a box of ratty old clothes around for the kids to play "dress up."

We live in a wonderful era when adults can give their kids almost everything imaginable, so the kids don't have to imagine anything.

And the new $40 mud pie maker?

It's just icing on the cake.

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