U.K. Teen Had Baby at 12, Trying for Another at 16

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The girl who became Scotland's youngest mom at age 12 says she's ready to have another baby.

She's 16.

Tressa Middleton, who has had problems with drugs, alcohol and self mutilation, gave up her baby girl for adoption, U.K.'s The Sun reports.

"I don't smoke hash and I don't drink much now," Middleton says. "If I fall pregnant I will definitely give up the drink completely," she adds.

But now she says that she and boyfriend Darren Young, 24, are picking out baby names.

"I would like a wee boy this time. I like the name Leo, and Darren likes McKenzie and McCaulay for a boy and Sophia or Brianna for a girl," she says.

As for marriage, the unemployed Young says, "We've talked about it. It depends if we get jobs. I'd marry her now if I had the money."

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