'Cake Boss' Grants Wish for Girl With Cancer

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"Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro helps Grace Doran ice a cupcake. Credit: NBC Philadelphia

Nine-year-old Grace Doran had a sweet dream: To meet the "Cake Boss."

Since she was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph system in May 2009, the one thing that has helped her get through her ordeal is watching TLC's reality show "Cake Boss," which stars Buddy Valastro and his baking family, NBC Philadelphia reports.

"It cheered me up when I wasn't feeling that good," Grace says.

NBC Philadelphia took Grace to visit the Valastros at their Hoboken, N.J., bakery, where Buddy taught her to make icing roses and even helped her pull off a bakery prank.

Sweet. Very sweet.

Watch the clip:

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