Feeling Guilty About Being a Working Mom? You're Not Alone

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Working mother often means mommy guilt. But you're not alone. Credit: Getty

It's just a fact of life: Many mothers need to work. A lot of them even want to work. But that doesn't mean they don't feel guilty about leaving their little ones for the office.

In fact, a recent survey from Working Mother magazine found that 57 percent of working mothers feel guilty every single day, and 31 percent feel guilty at least once a week.

Here at ParentDish, where many of us are working mothers (and fathers) ourselves, we found that number to actually be quite low -- there are times when we feel guilty about 10 times a day.

Dana Dorfman, a New York City psychologist, tells the magazine guilt makes a person human.

"But the danger is that an overdose of guilt can be a complete waste of time and energy, especially if it traps you in a negative cycle of thoughts," she tells Working Mother.
Nicole Else-Quest, assistant professor of psychology at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, tells the magazine that women feel pressured from a young age to be supermoms.

"Working moms feel torn," she tells Working Mother. "There are so many things to do, so many obligations. We walk around wondering, How do I do everything and do everything well?"

If we got a dollar every time we asked ourselves that question, we wouldn't be working.

Tell us how you deal with working mom guilt.

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