How to Play: Bubble Pool

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The bigger the bubble, the greater the fun! Credit: courtneyBolton, Flickr

What you need: For this game, you will need a kiddie pool, several bottles of bubble solution, an assortment of bubble blowers, and a hula hoop.

How to play: Fill the kiddie pool with the bubble solution, and pass the bubble blowers around to each child for them to blow bubbles using the solution inside the pool. To create a mega bubble, have one child stand at a time inside a hula hoop in the kiddie pool. Raise the hula hoop up over the child to make a giant bubble with the child inside.

The rules: Each child gets one bubble blower at a time and must take turns creating the giant bubble.

How to win: You can have a contest for who blows the biggest bubble, the most bubbles at a time, and who can stay inside his giant bubble for the longest amount of time.

What else you need to know: Stretched-out metal coat hangers make excellent giant bubbles.

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