Children of Lesbians Well Adjusted, Study Shows

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Teenage children of lesbians are psychologically well-adjusted and have fewer behavioral problems than their peers, a new study shows.

Children of lesbian couples rated significantly higher in social, academic and overall competence than other children, according to an article published in Pediatrics, and significantly lower in social problems, rule-breaking and aggressive or problem behavior.

Beginning in 1986, researchers tracked lesbian families from the time children were conceived until they reached adulthood. The 78 children and their mothers were interviewed and filled out questionnaires when the children were 10 and 17.
Researchers found no major behavioral differences between adolescents who knew who their sperm donors were and those who didn't, nor between those whose mothers were still together and those whose mothers had separated.

In 2005, more than 270,000 children in the United States lived in households headed by a same-sex couple, the article states, and nearly twice that number had a single lesbian or gay parent.

The findings have implications for the clinical care of lesbian families, custody hearings and public policies on same-sex parenting, the article concludes.

"Our findings show that adolescents who have been raised since birth in planned lesbian families demonstrate healthy psychological adjustment and thus provide no justification for restricting access to reproductive technologies or child custody on the basis of the sexual orientation of the parents," the authors write.

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