Fat or Pregnant? Commuters Leave Moms-to-Be Standing

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Is that a beer belly or a baby bump? Credit: conbon33, Flickr

Anyone who ever suffered the agony of asking a woman when she's expecting only to be told she isn't pregnant might understand why some commuters leave moms-to-be standing on the bus.

Two new surveys out of the United Kingdom report that pregnant women are rarely offered a seat on crowded public transportation, leaving them to stand while they deal with swollen ankles, nausea and other aches and pains, according to London's Daily Mail.

And while there may be some selfishness at play, many believe embarrassment stops commuters from asking moms to take a load off.

A survey by gurgle.com, owned by maternity clothes retailer Mothercare, shows that 84 percent of the 1,000 moms questioned say they've been left standing. A second survey, by the children's charity Tommy's, yielded similar results.

Nifa McLaughlin, editor of gurgle.com, tells the newspaper it's "ridiculous" that the health of mothers-to-be is put at risk because someone can't tell a baby bump from a beer belly.

"We've all been in that awkward situation, but we would encourage commuters to swallow their pride and offer their seats," she tells the Mail.

Mothercare is offering pregnant women a badge that reads "Baby on Board," so they can be easily identified by others in the hopes that more passengers will be willing to give up their seats.

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