Smoking Baby Cuts Down to 15 Cigarettes a Day

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Smoking Baby Hooked on Cigarettes - Watch more Funny Videos

Time to breathe (or wheeze) a sigh of relief: Two-year-old Ardi Rizal is only smoking 15 cigarettes a day now, down from 40.

How's he doing it? The patch? Gum? Cold turkey?

According to a child welfare official, Ardi's kicking the habit with "therapy focused on play," U.K.'s The Sun reports.

Wait, getting kids to play keeps them from smoking? Genius!

Previously, Ardi's father, Mohammad Rizal, said, "He cries and throws tantrums when we don't let him smoke. He's addicted."

We're not advocating smoking for tots, but Indonesia seems to have some pretty amazing smoking cessation incentives. In fact, officials in Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia, previously offered to buy the family a car if Ardi quits completely.

Quitting is a laudable goal, but we have to wonder if Ardi's weight will spike if he stops smoking. After all, childhood obesity is a dangerous epidemic, too.

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