Facebook F-Bomb Nixes Student's Graduation Plans

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A California teen won't be tossing his mortar board into the air anytime soon -- he was forbidden to walk at his high school graduation after he cussed his teachers out on Facebook.

Genaro Camacho was caught participating in a senior prank at Mater Dei Academy in Chula Vista, Calif., and expressed his frustration at getting nabbed by dropping the f-bomb in a status update on the social media website.

"This is a f---ing joke," he wrote, according to NBC San Diego. He added: "f--k all the teachers who said I would never amount to anything in my life."

The school responded by forbidding the 18-year-old to participate in graduation ceremonies. School president Thomas Clayton Beecher is allowing Camacho to complete his course work and earn a diploma, but he also expressed his disappointment with the boy in a letter to Camacho's mother, according to the news station.

"That Genaro would proceed with the prank and then post highly offensive remarks in the face of such clear warnings demonstrates disregard for the school, for its rules and the other students," Beecher writes.

Camacho and his mother both say the teen deserves a second chance. The teen also admits he made a bad choice and warns his fellow teens to think before they write.

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