Links We Love: TGIF Edition

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Demi Moore loves to tweet. Credit: Jesse Grant, Wireimage

It's been a long week around these parts, and we're looking forward to a chance to put our feet up and hang out with our pals in the blogosphere. Lots of great stuff out there to read this weekend, y'all, but we've taken all the hard work out of it for you. Here are our top picks for some leisurely reading. Enjoy!

Love Twitter? Love celebs? Love celeb moms? This is the post for you. Our good friends over at Babble put together another one of their awesome lists, and this time they're looking at Hollywood's Top 50 Twitter Moms. Oh, the things they tweet about their kids! Makes us realize that famous, gorgeous moms are just like us. Well, like us if we had a personal trainer.

Summer is upon us, and it's time to hit the open road with the family for some vacation fun. Before you go, though, check out some good, sensible travel tips from HybridMom. And MomLogic wants you to know that it may be cheaper to hold your baby on your lap when you fly, but for safety reasons you might want to consider getting your child his or her own seat.

Not everyone gets to take time off, and some moms are heading to the office during the warm summer weekdays. We love this slideshow of women's work fashion through the decades -- we particularly love the '60s looks. Thanks to wowOwow for the eye candy.


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