Mom Gets Jail Time for Berating Ex-Husband to Kids

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In addition to alienating your kids and making you look petty, here's another consequence of bad mouthing your ex: Jail.

Lauren Lippe, a 47-year-old mother of two, was sentenced to jail for violating her custody agreement with her ex-husband, Ted Rubin, the New York Post reports.

Lippe tried to keep Rubin away from his girls, and called him "deadbeat," "loser" and a variety of other unprintable names. She also claimed in 2008 that Rubin had fondled the breasts of one of his daughters, though later conceded she knew nothing sexual had occurred, according to court papers. Lippe also planned last-minute trips and events when Rubin was supposed to visit his daughters, according to the newspaper.
"He was compelled to consent or risk disappointing the girls," Judge Robert Ross wrote in his ruling. Ross sentenced Lippe to six weekends in jail to be served on the first and third weekends of June, July and August, the Post reports.

"The evidence before me demonstrates a pattern of willful and calculated violations of the clear and express dictates of the parties' Stipulation of Settlement," Ross writes in his decision.

Lippe did not comment on the ruling, but her lawyer objected to the decision.

"It's extremely unusual, and in this case, it's inappropriate," Lippe's attorney, Kieth Rieger says. "He chose to believe the husband and not her. Of course, she's upset, but she's also worried about her children. She's worried that if she goes to jail how it will affect the children."

Rubin, 52, also did not comment on the ruling, but he wrote about the challenges of his situation on his blog last year.

"Spending time with my girls is something I put before all else," Rubin wrote. "They are teenagers now and being a divorced dad, it can be challenging to continue to reach out, put them first, and maintain this in the face of their occasional lack of interest and the roadblocks so easily put in place by their mom."

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