Graduation Ceremony Etiquette Tip No. 1: Don't Sleep During President Obama's Speech

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Maybe he stayed up really late the night before in anticipation of the day's events. Or perhaps he just finds politics a bore. But the poor kid caught yawning, fidgeting and, finally, sleeping, during a recent graduation speech by President Barack Obama, is earning fame in the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube worlds, whether he likes it or not.

Obama was delivering his talk at a commencement ceremony at Kalamazoo Central High School in Kalamazoo, Mich., last week. According to WOODTV-8 in Grand Rapids, the student was in his prime seat behind Obama because he was part of the school choir.

As Obama spoke of the sacrifice of soldiers, school alum Derek Jeter and being raised by a single mom, this kid joined in with the crowd's applause as he jerked awake and added his own courtesy claps. We're doubting, though, that he actually heard much of the president's message.

He may be haunted by it, however, as the video went viral and now nearly 12,000 people "like " the Facebook page "the guy sleeping behind obama at kalamazoo graduation."

Our advice: Next time you're going to be sitting behind the President of the United States, make sure to get some shut-eye the night before.

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