News in Briefs: Boy Dons 215 Pairs of Underwear to Set New Record

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We're not sure who wears the pants in Jack Singer's family, but we certainly know who wears the underpants.

Last Sunday, the Warwick, N.Y. boy spent his 10th birthday attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for wearing the most pairs of underwear, KABC reports. It took 18 minutes for his parents to slip on a record 215 pairs, though Singer had to lie down after the 195th pair because his feet were asleep. The previous record was 200 pairs, reports.

"I feel the most excited in my life," he tells the Times-Herald Record.

Instead of gifts, Singer asked for donations to help Marine Sgt. Eddie Ryan, who was injured in Iraq five years ago.

If there's anything we like better than a thoughtful kid, it's a thoughtful kid with a sense of humor!

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