Father's Day Gift Pick: Organic Home Beer Brewing Kit

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Dad gets bragging rights for brewing up his own beer. Credit: Seven Bridges Cooperative

If being the resident grillmaster isn't enough for your DIY dad, add brewmaster to his list of credentials, and watch as he quenches his thirst with a cold beer he made himself.

Seven Bridges Cooperative offers an organic home brewery kit that comes complete with everything Dad needs to brew up his first five gallons of beer. Choose from a wide range of flavors, including pale ale, dark lager, Irish stout, extra special bitter and lots more. And when the first batch is gone, Dad can simply order a new organic ingredient kit and brew up another.

The kit also includes "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing." And if that's not enough to get him started, point him to Seven Bridges' free online organic home brewing class.

Available at Seven Bridges Cooperative, $116.10.

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