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Donny Claxton with his 10-year-old twin daughters Reagan and Haley. Credit: Donny Claxton

Amazing Dad: Donny Claxton, Brand Strategist for the Modern Media Man Summit, the first large-scale conference for men and dad bloggers

Donny's Family: Kids: Chandler, 13, twins Reagan and Haley, 10

Donny Lives In: Dallas, Texas

Why Donny Is Amazing: Donny's been blogging at for more than five years, writing about his daughters, issues in the news, photography, stress, divorce, weight loss, cool new products he's tried and more.

A few months ago, Donny received an e-mail from Debbie Lawrence, a senior marketing representative from Macon, Ga. Both had graduated from Auburn University in Alabama, and knew each other via Twitter and Facebook. Debbie had come up with the idea of a summit for men and daddy bloggers, and was looking for help getting the word out about the conference.

"The Modern Media Man Summit is an answer to a void," Donny tells ParentDish. "BlogWorld Expo and BlogHer do a great job of attracting moms to their meetings, but there's a growing emergence of the evolution of dads and their involvement in the blogosphere. The Modern Media Men Summit will give them the tools to blog better."

The Summit, which will be held in Atlanta from September 9-11, will have three tracks: personal, business and educating men about blogging and how to make money from it. "The mom bloggers have gotten that part of the market down, but guys are different," says Donny. "No one's really focused on men and dads and what we're doing online. I'm part of the Modern Media Man Summit to help give men and dads the tools to increase their level of participation and influence in blogging."

There's no official count of dad bloggers out there, but Google "dad blogger," and you get some 40,000,000 hits. Still, the founders and advisory board of the summit hope to get 500 bloggers at the first event, and grow from there.

In addition to blogging, photography and helping other companies with branding, Donny loves spending quality time with his daughters. But like most working dads and moms, Donny's biggest challenge is the elusive balance that all parents seek.

"The hardest part is finding the balance between meeting my clients' needs and those of my own in order to still have time for the girls," he says.

Donny's Daughter Chandler Says: "My dad does weekly date nights with me and my two sisters, separately. I think they're really important and it's nice to go out to dinner and catch up, without my sisters. I read my dad's blog once a week, normally. None of my friends' parents blog, and I think it's really cool. I like looking at how he views the family, and it just makes for good conversation later. My dad is an amazing dad."

Donny's Guilty Pleasure:
"I'm a Mac. Anything I do for myself usually includes something new and high-tech from Apple. I'm hoping to have an iPad by mid-July.

Donny's Best Advice:
"The biggest step for dad bloggers is just reaching out through social media tools like Facebook and Twitter and saying, 'Hi my name is Donny. I'm a father of three and I like to tell my story by reviewing great products. How can we work together for each other's mutual benefit?' Brands like working with men. We get the quid pro quo part."

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