Which Is More Delicious? There's No Contest, as Far as We're Concerned

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A scrumptious baby tops a cake any day. Credit: Courtesy of Amy Preiser

Is it okay to eat a piece of cake that's bigger than your grandchild's head? That was the conundrum at a Father's Day lunch this past weekend, as Grandpa Arnold was feted by his family at a Long Beach, California restaurant.

Our friend and colleague at ShelterPop, Amy Preiser, shared this photo of her 4-month-old niece Zoey, and we had to post it.

Frankly, Zoey is much more delicious than any piece of chocolate cake. Mommy Natalya, Daddy Mark, Grandma Sonia and Grandpa Arnold indulged in the cake, but the sweetest gift is truly this baby dumpling. Maybe next Father's Day, when Zoey has a little more mileage on her frilly attire, she'll join her older brother, 3-year-old Joshy, for a taste.

With milk, of course!


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