Finally, an Easy-to-Install Car Seat

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Install your kid's car seat without a master's degree in engineering. Credit: Evenflo

In addition to assembling the crib and trying to figure out what to do with a BabyBjorn, installing a car seat ranks among new parents' why-didn't-anyone-tell-me-it-would-be-this-hard gripes.

So, we were psyched when Evenflo unveiled the "click, click, push" SureLATCH feature in its new Momentum 65 car seat, which allows parents (even frazzled ones) to install the car seat in less than a minute.

Plus, the car seat gets a safety boost with new side impact triple-layer foam technology that reduces side impact crash forces by 50 percent.

Simple and safe -- we like it. Now, if the car seat could handle potty training ...

Available at for $199.99.

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