Links We Love: Grab Bag Edition

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The kids are out of school and we're busy looking for ways to while the day away without losing our marbles. When we've had a spare minute this week, this is what we've been reading. Enjoy!

If you thought your days of living in a frat house were over when you became a parent, think again. Read this absolutely side-splitting comparison of Greek life and toddler life from blogger Brenna at Suburban Snapshots.

Speaking of toddlers, they grow up fast. Got a birthday coming up soon? Don't panic: LilSugar has a great inspiration guide for fantastic -- and doable -- birthday cakes for even the most persnickety birthday prince or princess.

You know who is scared of babies? Lady Gaga, that's who. That's OK, because we're a little scared of her, too. Parents Ask reveals the pop sensation's fears.

Does having a kid make you want to give up sex forever? It doesn't have to. Get your mojo back in the sack with these four sex tips every mom should know from our friends at HybridMom.

Have a great weekend!


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