Baby Announcements: The Virtual Welcome

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Celebrate your baby's arrival via a virtual announcement. Credit: Getty

Back when our mothers and grandmothers had children,
baby announcements had to be written and addressed by hand. More modern parents had the option of printing their baby announcements out on home computers and popping them in the mail. And, while all this work was certainly a labor of love, it was still labor -- something most new moms have had quite enough of.

These days, however, new parents have it made with the availability of online virtual baby announcements. Telling the world about your new arrival is just an Internet connection away -- and you don't have to be a designer or wordsmith to take advantage of these services.

Free sites such as Birth Village and Parent Shack offer easy-to-use and customizable templates for creating one-of-a-kind baby announcements. You can choose to use pre-selected announcement text or get creative and use your own words.
Baby announcements generally include the baby's full name, date of birth, length and weight. If it's important, you also can add the time of birth. If you plan to refer to your child by a nickname, this is the time to let everyone know by including that information on the announcement. If your newborn has older siblings, you may include their names when virtually signing the announcement. Visit Noteworthy Notes for even more tips on creating personalized text for your baby announcements.

Once you've got your text perfect, it's time to start snapping photos. After all, you don't have to just tell everyone the good news, you can show them, as well. Almost all online baby announcement services include the option to upload digital photos of your new bundle of joy to be included in the announcement.

While most free baby announcement sites require users to register and enter some personal information in order to gain access to the freebies, doing so usually unlocks other great baby-related services and information.

Other sites, such as Oh Baby and Baby Momento charge a fee, but offer more bells and whistles as well as the design services of a professional. They will help you write the text, select a photo and create the mailing list for your baby announcements. Best of all, these sites usually offer the option to purchase matching printed cards and photos to be snail-mailed directly to those friends and family members who have yet to make their way onto the information superhighway.

Using an online service to send out your baby announcements not only creates less work at a time when parents may already be a little overwhelmed, it makes life just a little easier for the recipients, as well. Most online baby announcement services, including those that are free, allow friends and family to immediately respond to the good news by posting online comments, which are sent directly to the new parents' e-mail address.

Whether you choose a free site or a fee site, sending online baby announcements to friends and family is a great way to save time, money and the environment -- all important considerations for new parents.


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