Baby Bedding for Preemies: Comfortable and Safe

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Take special care when choosing bedding for preemie babies. Credit: Corbis

Premature babies need extra special care and attention, even when it comes to your choices in baby bedding.

Preemies have a greater risk in contracting respiratory diseases such as RSV, so avoid toxic chemicals that can be present in baby bedding products and can cause further harm to your baby's delicate breathing system. This measure, along with correctly positioning your sleeping preemie to counter any SIDS risk, are important steps to take when getting your preemie's crib ready.

When choosing baby bedding for your preemie, it is recommended to look for organic and natural materials because your baby will be extra-sensitive to the harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used in many fabric-producing crops.
Organic cotton, wool and bamboo are good examples of natural fabrics that will not be exposed to toxic dyes, chemicals and bug sprays and will be more soothing to your preemie's sensitive skin. Natural fabrics also are much less likely to contain allergens that could irritate your baby's respiratory system.

A great place to look for organic baby bedding is Allergy Buyers Club, a company that carries a large variety of natural crib sheets that come in two-piece and three-piece sets, as well as separates. Blankets also are available, such as the HOM Organic Merino Wool Blanket. The wool helps regulate your baby's body temperature, which is important when caring for a preemie. HOM's Healthy Home Collection Organic All Cotton Mattress Pad and Organic Cotton and Wool Innerspring Crib Mattress ensure that your preemie will have a safe and breathable mattress on which to sleep.

Just as important as baby bedding is baby sleepwear for your preemie. Organic and natural materials are recommended here too, and you have many choices.

Pristine Planet
offers a wide selection of baby sleep sacks, swaddlers and footed pajamas, all in certified organic fabrics and preemie sizes. Another all-organic clothing company Angel Baby Organic not only sells sleepwear, but all sorts of baby bedding needs, such as sheets and mattresses.

Other options for organic sleepwear for premature babies include Nurture Place's organic cotton sleeper, made especially for preemies and guaranteed to be gentle on your baby's skin, and Lapsaky Organic Childrens Clothing's preemie swaddling blanket, a great way to make your preemie feel safe and secure while he sleeps.

A point to consider when selecting baby bedding for your preemie: Positioning your baby correctly while he sleeps is very important because premature babies are more susceptible to SIDS. A sleep positioner helps keep your baby on his back while sleeping, as is recommended by the Surgeon General to prevent SIDS. It also creates a nest-like environment for your preemie. Organic choices for sleep positioners include Mommy's Little Helper's Guardian Sleeper and Dex Product's Secure Sleeper Ultra. Both are made from natural materials that will not irritate your preemie's skin or his respiratory system.

As you purchase baby bedding for your preemie, remember to look for products made from organic and natural fabrics. By avoiding harmful chemicals and pesticides used in crops that yield fabric, this choice in your baby's bedding will keep your preemie both comfortable and safe as he sleeps.


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