Baby Coupons: How to Organize a Swap Group

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Swap coupons, save money and have fun, too. Credit: Corbis

Most parents would agree that saving money on baby products is important, and one way to cut costs is with the use of coupons.

Baby coupons exist for a variety of products, such as diapers, baby formula, clothing, baby medicine and much more. Finding these coupons, however, is not always easy. But we have a solution: One of the best ways to get a variety of baby coupons is to join a swap group.

Forming a swap group, specifically one for baby coupons, is an excellent way for families to save money. In these groups, you offer coupons for goods you do not use to someone who might use them. In return, you receive coupons for products you do use.

Follow these steps to organize a swap group for baby coupons.

1. Gather your group. Announce your plans to start a swap group for baby coupons by calling a few of your friends. "If you're a stay-at-home mom, check with the other mothers and trade during play groups," says Susan Samtur of Select Coupon.

Make fliers advertising your baby coupon swap group and post them on bulletin boards in your neighborhood -- grocery stores typically have places to post. Go to social networking groups such as Facebook or Twitter and announce your plans. The Dollar Stetcher's Bethanie Frank suggests spreading the word through e-mail communities such as Yahoo Groups, as well.

2. Set the date and plan the swap. You are in charge of your baby coupon swap group, therefore you set the rules. If you choose to meet at your home, make sure you have invited folks you trust. This is especially important if you've advertised on social networking sites. Otherwise, hold the swap group in a public place, such as a room in a community center, or at a restaurant. Also, consider holding your swap at a park -- a good choice if the weather is nice. Chances are, parents will bring their young kids and parks often have playground equipment, so they can watch the kids and swap at the same time.

Once you have picked a date and a location, decide what refreshments you want to serve at your swap group. Would you like sandwiches and soda or just something simple such as coffee and cookies? Are you going to supply the goodies, or will it be potluck? Perhaps you don't want to bother with food and drink at all? Just remember, refreshments always make a group meeting of any kind more appealing.

Finally, determine how long your swap group should last. One to two hours is generally sufficient. This gives participants an opportunity to meet each other, chat and swap. Successful swap groups for baby coupons are good for more than just the coupons -- making new friends and socializing is important for new parents, too.

3. The day of the baby coupon swap is here. Remind everyone to bring their baby coupons. This may seem obvious, but busy parents can forget this important step. Encourage them to bring as many coupons as they can and set a good example by having a lot of baby coupons on hand yourself.

Don't be too strict on how people swap. As long as everyone brings their coupons, the process will work itself out. If the group is successful, plan to hold a similar swap next month. Continue the process with each successful swap.

And, just to add a little flair to your coupon collecting, keep your baby coupons in an attractive coupon holder for an organized way to keep your coupons handy.

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