Baby Crib Bedding Sets on a Budget

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Having a baby is a wonderful excuse to shop for pretty things, but it can get expensive. Creating the perfect nursery often begins with baby crib bedding sets, which set the tone for the whole room -- but you don't need to spend a fortune to make an adorable, cozy space for your wee one.

If you're looking to outfit your nursery on a budget, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to cute, inexpensive baby crib bedding sets. Stylish and chic may not be words you normally associate with big-box retailers, but stores such as Target and yes, even Walmart, are great places to find essentials including bumpers, crib sheets and blankets at prices that won't bankrupt the college fund.

Before you go shopping, think about what kind of room you want to create for your baby. Crib bedding sets can be sweet and simple, modern and clean, or even themed with your favorite characters such as Winnie the Pooh. What is your style? Are you looking for a room that matches the decor of your house, or do you want to create a haven that is entirely unique?

Once you've settled on a style, you should know there are several key pieces that make up baby crib bedding sets. The bumpers and the sheet are the two main ingredients, and then you can start adding pillows and blankets to the mix -- just don't put them in the crib with a baby, or you may compromise your infant's safety.

Bumpers are generally the most expensive piece of baby crib bedding sets, but high-end designers such as DwellStudio often offer lower-end lines. DwellStudio at Target is the perfect choice for parents looking for stylish but inexpensive bedding.

Another great way to snag fantastic deals is to look for nursery items in secondhand shops or on the online auction site, eBay. Some eBay sellers will buy up discontinued baby crib bedding sets -- and some really adorable ones, too -- and sell them at deeply discounted prices. Brands like Skip*Hop and Pottery Barn Kids are often available on eBay, and you can usually score great deals.

A couple of tips for eBay: If you want new bedding, use the search term "baby crib bedding sets NIP." That stands for "new in package." If you're looking in a consignment shop, be sure to inspect the bedding for rips, tears and stains. Babies are hard on their crib sheets and bumpers.

One thing parents often forget when they are looking for and buying baby crib bedding sets is to make sure to purchase some extras -- babies have accidents and you want to have at least one clean, extra bed sheet on hand. Bonus tip: Buying more than one sheet can keep the look of the nursery fresh, too. Mix and match colors and patterns with your baby's crib bumpers to make a whole new baby crib bedding set.

No matter where you purchase them or what they look like, the most important factor when choosing baby crib bedding sets is comfort and safety.

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