Baby Cribs for Small Spaces

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Small rooms call for smaller cribs. Credit: Steven Puetzer, Getty

Picture a traditional baby room: There's the protruding changing table, a large glider and -- the worst! -- that big and bulky baby crib.

For space-strapped parents-to-be, pulling together all of these elements with limited square footage can be daunting. Does that tiny watermelon-sized baby really need a crib the size of a small hatchback? Fret not. There are plenty of space-saving baby crib options on the market these days to work with any budget.

The Alma Mini Crib comes in beautiful colors and is a svelte 19 inches long by 37.27 inches wide. That's tiny compared to a traditional baby crib. Plus, it folds up -- perfect if your baby's sleeping space also has a dual purpose, such as an office.

The Nursery Smart Ethan 2-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is another option for parents looking for something a bit more wallet-friendly. Its sturdy build makes it feel like a full-sized baby crib, but it still has those must-have small dimensions.

Buyers beware: Mini baby cribs may be a great solution now, but some babies may outgrow the crib before they're ready for a toddler bed. If this is a concern, consider a full-sized baby crib that has other space-saving extras.

Modern favorites Oeuf and Netto Collection both offer baby cribs that, while standard in size, have additional features that let parents cut down on spatial needs elsewhere in the nursery. Ouef offers a changing station that perches on top of its Classic, Sparrow or Robin cribs when in use. When you're not changing your baby, slide the changing station under the crib or stash it in a closet.

Netto Collection's Moderne crib is fairly large, but the under-crib storage space is priceless. Plus, the crib can later be converted to a toddler day bed. The company also offers one of our other space-saving favorites -- its Moderne Changer. It offers a surprising amount of storage space and has a reversible top so that it will be useful long after those diaper changing days are over.

Perhaps the most notorious of all small space oriented baby cribs is the Stokke Sleepi. The award-winning rounded design takes the Sleepi from a bassinet to a compact crib to a toddler bed to a kids' bed and finally to a chair. Sure, at $1,000 this crib will set you back a pretty penny, but it also will last your child a very long time.

If the small living arrangement is short-term, don't be afraid to forgo the baby crib entirely. Some parents find the crib unnecessary for those first few months. Most bassinets are astoundingly smaller than a crib and are suitable for babies from birth up to 4 to 6 months.

If none of these baby crib options suit your needs, think about downsizing the other elements in the room. There are plenty of foldable changing tables on the market. Check out Scandinavian Child's Cariboo Folding Changing Table. It's classic, simple and can be stashed away when not in use.


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