Baby Gear for the Beach

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Pack smart to make a day at the beach with your baby a breeze. Credit: Getty

For many moms and dads, bringing your baby to the beach is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day with the family.

Kids love the water, and parents do, too -- after all, who can resist the thrill of making a giant sand castle, watching tiny toes test the water or catching a little snooze in the sun?

But for the first few years of your baby's life, going to the beach means packing a lot of special baby gear. It's important not only to protect children from the sun, but also to provide them with the tools to really enjoy their special day.
Start your day at the beach by bringing along the right carry-all. Surfer baby has one of the most efficient and coolest bags we've seen in a variety of colorful surfer-inspired designs. It includes a changing pad, removable cooler pack, cell phone holder and much more. Stuff it with all your baby gear; throw it over your shoulder and you're off.

Of course, sunscreen is an essential item of baby gear for the beach. Try the line from Badger, which is safe for kids of all ages, contains both UVA and UVB protection and is non-drying. Everyone should apply sunscreen at the beach, but you should choose specially formulated varieties for children to protect your baby.

Another great way to keep your baby safe from the sun is to use a play tent, which will provide shelter from the sun. Easy to set up, they are big enough for you and your baby to sit in. They can, however, be bulky, so you'll need to decide if you want to carry your tent to your favorite beach spot.

Pack some swim diapers with your baby gear for the beach. Disposable diapers at the beach can be cumbersome. Swim diapers, made to be reusable, are easier for the beach and better for the environment. Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers don't swell up like a balloon. This makes swim diapers much more comfortable for your baby than traditional disposables. Swim diapers come in many different colors and designs, too.

Make sure you remember the beach toys. These are a traditional way for your child to have lots of fun with the sand and the water at the beach. Beach toys continue to include buckets and shovels, but you'll find lots of other fun toys for your baby to play with at the beach, as well.

Bring along some fun beach towels for your baby, such as these hooded beach towels. Any beach towel will do as part of your baby gear, but a fun beach towel designed for a youngster adds to the excitement of spending the day at the beach.


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