Baby Gift Baskets: Think Beyond the Diapers

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A baby gift basket can help your present stand out among others. Credit: Getty

A gift basket is a popular way to congratulate new parents, and while you certainly can buy one that is already assembled, creating your own baby gift basket makes for a highly personalized present.

"They can be given for baby showers, baptisms, christenings or as a congratulation gift after the baby arrives," mom community Sure Baby stresses. "Whether it's a baby girl or boy, a gift basket for a new baby is always appreciated."

Baby gift baskets typically consist of diapers or receiving blankets and other usual baby basics, but how do you make your baby gift basket stand out? Keep the mom's personality in mind and try some of these fresh ideas for a really unique baby gift basket.

The Artsy/Organic Mom: Try using a diaper bag that you feel best matches the personality of the mother -- rather than using an actual basket -- to create this baby gift basket. For an earthy and artsy mom who loves organic clothing and food, opt for a diaper bag made of natural fabric, but one that also incorporates a creative design. These may be a bit pricier than other diaper bags, but this type of mom will surely appreciate the thought you put into it.

Fill the bag will a couple of 100 percent cotton clothing items for the baby, such as one-piece pajamas. Add organic treats for Mom to eat, such as healthy organic crackers, and add a cotton nursing bra and nursing nipple cream for the mom who is likely to breast-feed her new baby. Include an organic baby food cookbook, too.

The Stay-At-Home/Traditional Mom:
This is a mom who may appreciate a wicker basket she can reuse in her home to hold magazines or other items. Tie the baby gift basket with a large colorful fabric bow made from material you can find at a fabric store. Add two cute bibs for the baby that feature animal designs or similar cute touches.

Include English tea and a jar of honey bought at a specialty store for a special touch, and add a large mug that she can also use for hot chocolate or a large cup of coffee. Include a baby book to help her with the first year of her baby's life, such as "What To Expect The First Year," if she is a first-time mom.

The Sporty/Active Mom: This is a woman on the go, and she is likely to remain on the go after her baby is born. Instead of a basket, choose a big colorful bucket she can use for trips to the beach. Add a couple of baby swim diapers and include some cute beach toys for the baby gift basket. Toss in a gift certificate for yoga classes (be sure the studio or gym offers child care) and add in a few granola bars -- healthy snacks for moms on the go.

When you build a personalized baby gift basket for new parents, you'll be giving them a meaningful gift full of useful items they'll love.


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