Baby Gift Ideas for Multiples

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Multiple babies mean multiple cuteness -- and multiple gifts. Credit: Getty

The old Doublemint slogan, "Double your pleasure, double your fun," doesn't just apply to chewing gum.

In the past few decades, instances of multiple births (twins, triplets and beyond) have been on the rise, and multiple births are all the rage in the media -- from Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's octuplets to Jon and Kate Gosselin's famous brood of eight (including their set of sextuplets).

Multiple births are intriguing, but they also require more -- and specialized -- gear. So, what baby gift ideas make the grade for moms of multiples? Giving new parents of multiples a present from this list of baby gift ideas will earn you kudos times two. Or three. Or four ...

Boy/Girl/Boy Triplet Onesies Gift Set, $27.99: These soft and adorable bodysuits are made especially for sets of triplets that are comprised of two boys and one girl. They come in a variety of cute phrases including, "Yes! We're Triplets!" "Got Triplets?" "Triplets Rock!" and "Womb Mates." This cheeky baby gift idea will certainly tickle the new parents' funny bone.

Wry Baby "Stop Copying Me" Snapsuit for Twins, $40: This set of onesies makes a great new baby gift for parents of twins with a sense of humor. The matching bodysuits, which have been featured in People magazine, both say "Stop Copying Me!"

Twins Diaper Cake, $64.95: Baby diaper cakes always go over well with new parents; not only are they utilitarian, they're just plain adorable. This diaper cake is no exception; everything in it has a practical use, from its base comprised of diapers to the pacifiers, photo frames, fork and spoon sets, feeding bottles, brushes and combs, rattles, embroidered bibs, booties, blankets and animal rattle toys that adorn its top. Parents will find it so sweet they won't even care that it isn't an actual cake.

Triplets and Quadruplets Gift Basket, $149.50: A baby gift basket is a hot item that goes over well at baby showers -- what's in the baby gift basket, however, makes all the difference. This huge wicker basket includes multiple rompers, Gund bears with embroidered hoodies, personalized security blankets, burp cloths and link toys. This baby gift idea will please mom and her multiples.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Double Stroller, $264.95: The price may seem a little steep, but Maclaren is basically the Rolls-Royce of strollers (and they come with a lifetime guarantee). This light, comfortable stroller is available in coffee and scarlet. Want to watch the new mom push her tots in style? Pick her up one of these sweet rides -- a very generous baby gift idea.

Baby Jogger Summit XC Triple Stroller, $999.99: Taking care of three babies is enough of a workout for most moms. Some, however, still prefer to jog with their wee ones in tow. Enter the Baby Jogger Triple Stroller: This puppy can easily navigate any terrain, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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