Baby Items to Store in the Diaper Bag

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First item for the diaper bag? Duh: diapers, of course. Credit: Getty

Diaper bags are getting bigger these days, but it isn't necessary to fill them completely. Here's our list of what baby items to take with you -- and what to leave at home -- when packing baby's bag.

  • Diapers: What would a diaper bag be without containing the most essential of baby items? A well-stocked bag should contain no less than a half day's diaper supply, and more should be included for longer trips out and about.
  • Changing Pad: Consider bringing a small, portable changing pad for impromptu diapering sessions. Even many of the most family-friendly destinations won't always have a suitable surface for cleaning up your baby, making this an essential baby item.
  • Wipes: Whether you prefer disposables or more eco-friendly baby items, a good baby wipe is the difference between a clean change and an uncomfortable baby. Skip full-size cartons in lieu of portable "travel packs," and be sure your wipes are moist before you head out the door.
  • Balms, Powders and Creams: Remember to carry a travel-size version of only the necessary diapering products you normally use at home. Most manufacturers offer portable portion products made especially for diaper bags, so can guarantee ultimate diapering comfort, even when you're on the road.
  • Change of Clothes: Accidents happen, and unless you want to drag a dirty -- or wet -- baby around for most of the day, a dry change of clothes is a necessary baby item for any diaper bag. If it's been a while since you've had to use your "spare" set, check to be certain that it's still the right size for your child and is adequate for the season.
  • Bottles or Snacks: Depending on your baby's age, you may need to bring breast milk, formula, solid snacks or juice with you when you head out the door. To keep the diaper bag -- and everything in it -- from getting soiled, be sure that the bottles are sealed tightly and snacks are double-bagged in storage sacks or heavy-duty plastic containers. For extra protection, consider a separate "baby lunch bag" that can double as a cooler and can keep leaks contained within your diaper bag.
  • Playthings: Before you get overzealous with dozens of toys, do a quick scan of the toy box and settle on no more than two to three items to stash in the diaper bag. Good choices include rattles, teethers, books that wipe clean and one cuddly toy or blanket. Reserve these baby items for only the diaper bag -- they'll seem new and interesting when you're out with your baby.
  • First Aid: While we're not suggesting you pack one of every kind of medicine your child would ever need, a well-stocked diaper bag should contain a travel-sized pain reliever appropriate for your child's age, along with a few bandages, an antiseptic wipe, sunscreen and any prescription medications recommended by your doctor. Store these baby items in a separate waterproof container to avoid potentially sticky messes.
  • Etc.: Other baby items you may wish to stash in your diaper bag include: one bib, tissues, pacifiers and a snack for mom and dad or older siblings. Avoid carrying any unnecessary or valuable items such as portable electronics, cash, cell phones and large or bulky toys. Keep high-valued items in your purse, or leave them home.


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