Baby Registry: 10 Things to Include

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Be sure to include a car seat on your baby registry. Credit: Getty

Much like registering for a wedding, a baby registry is a fun opportunity to step aside from all the planning and let people know what gifts you'd love to receive.

A baby registry is basically a checklist of products, from a store or stores of your choice, that you want for your newborn. And deciding what goes on your baby registry is an enjoyable and practical step to get you started with your nursery.

The list makes gift giving easy for your friends and family -- when stumped, they may simply refer to the baby registry. It will show what has been purchased, avoiding the problem of duplicates, and, if you register with a national chain, family and friends who do not live in your town can check online for your wish list.
While you start picking out items for your baby registry, you'll see lots of things you want. But here are the 10 things you'll really need:

1. Car seat. Car seats have advanced over the years and convertible car seats are now safer and more comfortable for your baby than ever before. These seats result in a good basic addition to your baby registry.

2. Stroller. Just like car seats, strollers of the past are indeed a thing of the past. Today's baby strollers are modern day wheels of wonder, ranging from the basic to the extravagant. Many of the new strollers also may be purchased with matching car seats. When including a stroller on a baby registry, choose a model you like, but that you feel is also priced reasonably for gift givers. It's usually a grandparent who picks up the tab for big ticket baby registry items like this.

3. Baby bedding.
Pick out baby bedding that matches the color of your nursery for your baby registry. You'll want at least a few different sets of crib bedding.

4. Diaper bag. Diaper bags recently have gone from frumpy to fashionable. For the fashion conscious to the no-nonsense, a diaper bag that holds the baby necessities you need on the go is a perfect choice for your baby registry.

5. One-piece sleepers. One-piece sleepers have always been convenient for moms and dads. You don't have to worry about covering your little one's feet with this popular baby clothing item.

6. Bottles.
Baby bottles are a good choice for a baby registry. Even if you plan to nurse your baby, you'll likely need a supply of baby bottles.

7. Swaddling blankets. You'll want to wrap your newborn in cozy swaddling blankets, perfect to include on a baby registry.

8. Baby first aid kit. A baby first aid kit provides you with the basic medical supplies you'll need to care for your baby. If you're not sure how to care for baby's injuries and illnesses, always ask your pediatrician.

9. Baby shampoo, lotion, brush, comb. Start off your life with your baby with a new baby shampoo and lotion and a brush and comb. These grooming aids are items you'll want to use because they are made to be gentle for babies. Include them on your baby registry.

10. Baby bath tub. It's easier to clean your baby in a baby bath tub than in a large tub or sink. Make sure you include one on your baby registry.

No baby registry is complete without the items listed here. You'll want more than this, of course, but don't forget the essentials.


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