Baby Shower Cake Alternative: DIY Diaper Cake

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Your baby will go through lots of diapers, so why not build a baby gift out of them? Credit: Getty

Baby shower cakes are cute and delicious, but why not consider an alternative treat that the mom-to-be can use long after the shower? Diaper cakes are becoming increasingly popular, and can be a fun way to celebrate a new birth. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy -- as a cake!

1. Gather Your Supplies. Depending on the size of your baby shower cake, you'll need varying quantities of the following. The amounts below will make a small cake:

  • Fifty three diapers (be sure to find out if the mother wants to use cloth or disposable)
  • 1-inch wide roll of ribbon (matching the decor of the baby shower adds a nice touch)
  • Three to four large rubber bands
  • A baby bottle, small toy or bottle of bath product (total of three items)
  • Three thin, round wooden dowel rods, as tall as your cake will be
  • Various small toys and decorations for the finished baby shower cake

2. Get Rolling! The major task of creating the baby shower cake is rolling each diaper. Start tightly rolling a diaper from the open-ended top to the bottom, securing with a large rubber band. Continue rolling seven diapers and add them, one by one, to the rubber band to form a round of diapers, with each diaper standing up lengthwise. (There should be six on the outside, and one in the middle.) This is the top layer of your cake.

3. Build Layers.
Continue rolling diapers in a similar fashion to the top layer of your diaper cake, only use a larger rubber band and include a total of 16 diapers for the middle layer. Build the final, largest layer for the bottom. This will use a total of 30 diapers. (If you can't find a big enough rubber band, consider a large string or ribbon to secure it.)

4. Form the Base. Make a base from a pretty circular pan or a piece of round cut-out cardboard, and place the largest diaper cake layer directly on it. You can now remove the center diaper from the round and replace it with a bottle, toy or other surprise. Repeat this process with the top two layers.

5. Secure the Cake. Gently push a few thin wooden dowel rods through each layer of the cake (starting from the top down), making sure that the diapers don't get crushed, but that the layers are firmly attached to one another. This will help hold the shape of your baby shower cake.

6. Wrap the Ribbon. Now, it's time to cover the unsightly rubber bands with pretty ribbon. Tie a nice long piece of a 1-inch ribbon of your choice around each layer, making sure no rubber bands show when you're finished.

7. Add the Final Touches. Now that your baby shower cake is "built," go ahead and get creative by adding small toys, craft flowers, ribbon curls and a card to the cake. Be sure everything can be easily removed without damaging the diapers.

The completed diaper baby shower cake should be easy to store and transport. Just wrap it in cellophane (the kind used with gift baskets) and tote it to the big event. No refrigeration needed!


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