Best Baby Gifts for Twins, Triplets or More

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Parents of multiples will definitely need a lot of things to help them to care for their new babies, but what are the best baby gifts for new parents of twins, triplets or more?

Of course, gifts of diapers and other infant care items, such as diaper rash cream, nail clippers and thermometers will be well-received. However, products geared specifically toward twins, triplets or more can make the perfect baby gifts for parents of multiples.

One of the best baby gifts you can give parents of multiples is a stroller built for two or more babies. A lightweight double stroller is a good choice for parents of twins. The Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller comes in pink or red, and is equipped with fully reclining seats with five point safety harnesses.

For parents of triplets, the Runabout Triple Stroller from Berg Design will be a great help when they want to get around easily. This stroller is equipped with reclining seats, a telescoping handle and a hand brake for the front wheel. Optional accessories such as a sun canopy and a basket are available. Berg Design also makes a Runabout Quad Stroller, a Runabout Quint Stroller and even a Runabout Six Seat Stroller.

Parents of multiples will also appreciate books about parenting twins, triplets or more. One of the most recommended, "Raising Multiple Birth Children: A Parent's Survival Guide, Birth to Age 3" by William and Sheila Laut, suggests useful and practical tips and also has a list of addresses of companies who provide free items such as formula to parents of multiples.

If you know the mother is planning on breast-feeding her babies, "Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More!" by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, is published by La Leche League International and provides valuable information about breast-feeding and all other aspects of caring for multiple babies.

A great shopping destination for some of the best baby gifts for multiples is Double Blessings. The company offers all sorts of gift ideas, from picture frames to clothing. Its top seller, the E-Z-2-Nurse Twins Plush Feeding Pillow with Back Pillow is a lifesaver when breastfeeding twins, as it supports both babies as they feed.

Another helpful baby gift for feeding multiples is the Bebe Bottle Sling, a sling that can be wrapped around a car seat handle and will hold a bottle at the right angle for the baby to be able to drink from it. The slings come in packs for twins, triplets and quads.

Perhaps the very best baby gift you can give parents of multiples is your time. Offer to babysit, make dinner for the family, run errands, do household chores -- whatever you would like to do for the family. Parents of multiples will appreciate any offers of help during the first couple of months of their babies' lives. Making the life of parents of multiples a bit easier can be the best baby gift of all.


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