Cool Baby Gifts for Literary Parents

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Start 'em reading young. Credit: Getty

If moms- and dads- to-be have bookshelves lined with classics, it's likely they'll impart their love for reading onto their children. But what cool baby gifts do you give the child of literary parents? Here are some ideas to help foster reading for children and appease parents fond of prose.

  • 1. Play Mat: What better way to get a kid into reading than by playing with letters? This play mat comes covered with the alphabet, a cool baby gift to prime kids to love the written word.
  • 2. Bookshelf: Any good book collection needs a place to live. A bookshelf is a necessary item and a cool baby gift for a new nursery, especially if you help with assembly. Stick with a neutral tone that will complement any room.
  • 3. Bookends: Maybe you don't want to buy a whole bookshelf or book collection, but adorable, decorative bookends still make a cool baby gift.
  • 4. Electronic Book Reader: This might be a steeply priced present, but the slew of electronic book readers available right now are changing the way reading material is being digested. The original reader, Amazon's Kindle, as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony's Reader, are straightforward readers with minimal frills. The new kid on the block, Apple's iPad, has many more options but comes with a heftier price tag. This is a cool baby gift that's really more for Mom and Dad -- but it will make reading on the go easier than packing a bag full of books.
  • 5. Books: You can't leave the bookshelf sitting bare for very long. It's a little too soon for the baby to dive into Dostoevsky, but the sooner kids get reading -- or just looking at -- books, the better readers they'll be in school. Babies love books they can play with, such as pop-up books, books with things they can feel (think "Pat the Bunny") and books made of soft materials that can withstand a little chewing.


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