Crib Bedding on a Budget

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Making smart choices will keep you within your crib bedding budget. Credit: Corbis

Having a baby is expensive -- furniture, car seats and strollers, not to mention doctor bills, diapers and other essentials.

But one place you can save some of your hard-earned dough is in the crib bedding category. Before you rush out and buy the first baby sheets you see on sale, however, consider what makes a bargain in crib bedding.

Just as if you were purchasing an item for yourself, plan to stay within your budget. To do so, you might start by making a list of what's important to you when it comes to crib bedding.

Color can be an obvious concern -- if you have just painted your nursery a lovely shade of pink and selected accessories, a crib and other furniture with a ballerina theme, a sale on orange balloon bedding is not going to be a bargain, no matter how inexpensive the sheet set may be.

If you have yet to decide on the nursery's theme or colors, you may want to see if an overstock of last season's patterns will fit the bill. Purchasing the whole set of one pattern could earn you a cost savings.

And don't forget to shop the bargain areas of your favorite sites. You may be shopping for baby when you are pregnant, but the bedding may be discounted just in time for your delivery. Those bargain crib bedding purchases could help decide the theme of baby's nursery.

Here's another way to save: If you're willing to use neutral colors and patterns -- just in case big sister is joined by a little brother later (or vice versa) -- you may be able to find a few crib bedding deals, as well. Because you are not trying to shop for a specific gender, shopping for baby bedding can be mixed and matched. In that case, it might be easier to pick up bedding steals that don't fit everyone else's baby nursery.

For long-term use, the size of crib bedding might be an issue. If you plan to transition baby into a toddler bed in a few years, keep in mind that many crib mattresses do fit the size of toddler beds. So, if the bedding is going to be used from birth through toddler years, again, durability needs to be high on your specifications list.

Planning to have more children? Durability and wear join the purchasing equation once more. Ask friends with children for their advice -- especially if you like the bedding they have in their nursery. Is the weight of the weave going to withstand multiple washings, as well as many good -- and fitful -- nights of sleep? If you are unsure of the feel or durability of sheets, visit a brick-and-mortar store to determine a durable crib bedding brand. Then you can visit a website that specializes in the discount of brand name products armed with information.

For saving money, many parents are whizzes at selling (and buying) on eBay, Craigslist and at neighborhood yard sale sites.

After you have made the list of what's important to you for selecting crib bedding, don't be afraid to use any and all shopping strategies to find the best deals for your budget. Because you don't need to break the bank for baby to sleep well at night.


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