Modern Baby Bedding: Greener, Cleaner, Allergen-Free

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Eco-friendly applies to baby bedding, too. Credit: Getty

Modern baby bedding has gotten a lot greener than the sheets and blankets babies slept on just a few years ago.

Today's contemporary options are not only stylish, but can also help you provide cleaner -- and in many cases -- allergen-free environment for your baby.

Specializing in combining contemporary design with eco-friendly materials, Oeuf provides everything parents need to outfit a nursery including cribs, changing tables, toys, clothing and modern baby bedding.

With a mission of "Be Good," Oeuf strives to "be good" designers and encourages people to "be good" to the planet. Marrying impeccable form with green, organic function, parents can rest assured they are providing a safe and stylish room for their baby.

Items can be purchased directly from Oeuf or from stores that specialize in green and organic products such as The Ultimate Green Store. In addition to carrying Oeuf, The Ultimate Green Store allows customers to create an online registry, allowing baby shower guests and gift-givers to easily identify green, eco-friendly products for babies.

Many "traditional" retailers also offer green and/or allergen-free modern baby bedding options. Available in modern polka dots and stripes, Gap offers a line of organic baby bedding that allows you to mix and match to achieve your ideal crib bedding set.

Kids Line's Bunny Meadow collection (offered exclusively at Babies "R" Us) is created from organic cotton and is produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. A large number of online retailers also offer green, modern baby bedding. Modern Nursery has a wide variety of organic bedding options.

Allergen-free options are often also organic and available at a wide variety of retailers. An example is the Purist Organic Baby Bedding Collection. The 100 percent organic cotton bedding has no chemical finishes and provides a chemical and allergen-free environment for babies. Achoo Allergy offers allergen-free crib, cradle and bassinet mattresses and mattress covers.

Interested in creating a greener, cleaner, allergen-free environment for your baby, but overwhelmed with the variety of products available and unsure of how to get started? Check out "How To: Create An Eco-Friendly, Allergy Free Bedroom" by Laura Fenton and "Eco-Friendly: Why Organic Cotton" by Sarah James. These articles explain the benefits of going organic and how to incorporate organic items into your home.

As you prepare for your family's new addition, consider making your baby's environment cleaner and greener. Shop for contemporary, modern baby bedding designs that ensure you don't have to sacrifice style for function.


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