Parenting Style an Influence on Teen Drinking, Study Says

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Kids who get too many cuddles drink more. Credit: DuesXFlorida, Flickr

Kids whose parents are either too strict or too lenient may be more likely to engage in binge drinking, according to a new study out of Brigham Young University.

Researchers found parenting style doesn't make a difference in whether or not your kid will try alcohol, but it does affect the relationship teens have with adult beverages.

The Los Angeles Times reports that of 5,000 teens surveyed, those who had the healthiest relationship with alcohol also had parents who strike a balance between watchful and loving.

"Authoritative parents tend to be highly demanding and highly responsive," the authors write. "They monitor their children closely and provide high levels of support and warmth. Our data suggest that peer encouragement to drink might have less impact when parents are both highly supportive and highly attentive."
Indulgent parents more than tripled their teens' risk of heavy drinking, while kids whose parents are overly strict were twice as likely to drink to excess.

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