Popular Baby Names to Avoid

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Thanks to "Twilight," Bellas and Jacobs soon will be taking over classrooms everywhere. Credit: AP Photo/Summit Entertainment, Kimberley French

If you think Adolf is a cool name, fast-forward to when your son starts studying world history.

How will he feel about sharing a name with the man credited with exterminating millions of people? OK, OK, that's an extreme example -- but there are lots of popular baby names right now with not-so-wonderful associations you may also want to avoid.

Thanks to celebrities, unusual baby names are becoming some of the most popular baby names, but a recent study claims that the more unique a baby's name, the more narcissistic the parents may be.

Choosing an unusual name means, more than likely, your child will stand out in a classroom of children named Olivia or Ethan. Looking at the top 10 names for 2009, here are a few reasons to avoid these popular baby names:

  1. Associations could bring teasing: You want to name your son Noah and your daughter Olivia. Both are great, popular baby names, but can you handle the association of the children's books with the adorable pig Olivia as your daughter grows older? Will your son grow tired of being teased about Noah and biblical arks? When choosing a name, sometimes even the popular baby names have associations that may invite some teasing down the line. That might be just the reason to avoid giving your child that name.

  2. Blood is thicker than popularity: The names George and Joan have been used in your family for generations. These were once popular baby names in their own right and will help pay homage to special family members and help your child in building a connection to the past. So, while you may like current names such as William or Ava, and appreciate their popularity, you might avoid them for family names that can add a special facet to naming a baby.

  3. Think ahead to nicknames: You may think Isabella or Jayden are beautiful names. But how about Izzy, Bella or Jay? Do those names make you think of nails dragged across a chalkboard? Whether you like it or not, with these popular baby names showing up by the dozens in classrooms across the country, people may start using a nickname for your child. Decide if you can live with the nicknames, especially as your child grows older and decides she wants to keep it. Otherwise, avoid the name no matter how popular it may be. Also, keep in mind how the name will play into initials -- ultimately an Isabella's initials could spell ICK!

  4. Ease of spelling: Sure, Mia and Chloe are super popular baby names, but they may be challenging to the beginning speller (and even some more advanced ones). Perhaps choose the simpler Amy or Sue -- both would serve as beautiful substitutes.

  5. Explaining the name selection: Sure, you like many of the popular baby names, but when "Twilight" is no longer playing in the theaters, will you feel as comfortable telling Jacob, Isabella or Cullen the reasons for selecting their vampire-associated names from lists of thousands?

The most popular baby names right now are inspired by celebrities and pop culture, but think just how quickly these trends come and go. Some of these baby names are popular for the wrong reasons, so really think about why you're choosing the names you select, and consider what meanings they will carry years down the road.


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