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Giving your child a unique baby name is a sure way to make him stand out, but it could turn into unwanted attention when he goes to elementary school and is teased for having such a strange name.

If you're sure you want to go the unusual route when it comes to naming, one approach to solve the teasing issue is to choose a name that could have a normal nickname derived from it, such as Tammerlaine, which could be shortened to Tammy.

Or, consider selecting a traditional name such as Alexandra, and using an unique nickname based on it -- like Xan.

So, where to begin? One of the most comprehensive unique baby name resources, Baby Hold offers more than just lists of baby names of every type. Informative articles provide a valuable resource to parents searching for unique baby names, especially ones that could have normal nicknames.

"Unique Baby Name Alternatives to Popular Names" provides suggestions for making the top names more original, such as Amelie for Emily and Mathys for Matthew. Another story on the site, "How to Make Traditional Names Unique and Exotic," offers tips on being creative with names by changing the spelling or looking to another culture. Other stories from Baby Hold give inspirational ideas for finding unique baby names, such as opening a map to find a name like Amsterdam or looking to the sky for a name like Orion.

Organized alphabetically and categorically, Unique Baby Names supplies parents with a large variety of suggestions and ideas from other cultures. Names from other origins can always be adjusted to an ordinary nickname, if needed. For example, the French name Cendrillon could become Cindy, and the Celtic name Ronan can be shortened to plain old Ron. Looking through names from other countries can inspire you to think outside the box, while still considering a normal alternative to a unique baby name.

An extensive listing of original and unusual baby names, Alternative Baby Names is another great place to search for a unique baby name. With categories including Elvish, Gothic and Mythical, you are guaranteed to find something different on this site. Surprisingly, even the weirdest names can have normal nicknames: Apollo can be changed to Paul and Absynthe can become Abby.

Another fun feature on Alternative Baby Names is the Unique Baby Name Generator, which automatically gives you an original name when you click on its link. If you would like other suggestions, just refresh your browser for more random unique baby names.

Looking to the past can be an alternate method of selecting a unique baby name, and Heather's Page of Unusual Names is a good destination to search for old-fashioned names such as Lemuel and Evangeline, which could respectively become Lee and Angie. Other types of names on this site include Surnames as First Names, Place Names and Gem Names, as well as a section featuring names from books, movies and television shows, giving you many choices of possible unique names for your baby.

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