Unusual Baby Gifts That Tell a Story

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Consider baby gifts the parents will love, such as this "Rock" shift gifted to Tracy Mourning, wife of Alonzo Mourning, last year. Credit: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

Bunny rabbits, princess pinks and teddy bears -- oh, my. Sure, baby-specific prints and styles can be, shall we say, sweet? But many new baby gifts end up feeling cold, impersonal and leave the personalities of parents by the wayside.

And, let's be honest here, the newborn baby has no idea it's being swaddled in cutesy clothes -- but Mom and Dad sure do.

Unusual baby gifts can show new parents how much you care about them and that you remember their lives before baby. The personalized gift ideas on this list will inspire you to create (or buy) your own unique baby gifts that celebrate the creation of a new family, while not forgetting the parents' cool pasts.

Our Family History book, $12.50: This book provides a place for parents to design their family tree and store treasured information about family memories and achievements. A great gift for first-time parents, it includes sections for photos and can be kept in the family for generations to come.

T-shirt quilts: One of the cutest and most unique ways to create a completely personalized baby gift that reflects the history of the parents is through the making of a T-shirt quilt. Old concert shirts or college and high school shirts can be used to create a baby blanket that tells a story. Patterns for T-shirt quilts can be found online. If you're not particularly crafty, though, you can also have websites such as T-Shirt Quilts or Nana's Quilting do the heavy lifting for you.

Go DIY: There are a variety of ways in which you can repurpose old T-shirts to create new, unusual baby gifts. One interesting project can be found at the This Mama Makes Stuff blog. The site, which is full of awesome tips and tutorials, features a step-by-step guide to turning a T-shirt into a newborn gown.

Scrap box, $15.99: You've heard of scrapbooks, but have you heard of scrap boxes? Scrap boxes allow you to create art out of tiny objects and keepsakes. By putting meaningful knick-knacks in a scrap box, you'll create a 3-D display that celebrates the life of the new parents, pre-baby.

Custom printed photo books: Pictures and text can be combined to create a touching narrative of the parents' formative years, and the books can be as long and as large as you like. Blurb is a great place to print your custom book -- its bookmaking software is free to download, and the books, themselves, are reasonably priced.

Rockin' wear: Cool, hip baby clothes are all the rage now -- loads of sites and stores offer shirts and onesies that feature bands, politics and pop culture images and phrasing. Baby Wit is a great place to find baby clothes that reflect the interests of parents, from Led Zeppelin to Barack Obama. Lots of shirts come in both baby and adult sizes, too, so the whole family can show off their personalities.

Unusual baby gifts that tell the story of a family's history from before baby to new family will no doubt become treasured keepsakes.


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