Baby Monitor Review: Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus

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Remember to turn off the sensor after picking up your baby. Credit: Amazon

The Basics: Two parent units come with rechargeable batteries and AC adapters, two sensor pads and a nursery transmitter. Operates on both 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies to avoid interference. Has eight channels and 820-foot range.

The Lowdown: A sensor pad monitor that detects baby's even slightest movements and breaths, as well as sounds. The 15-page user manual and 13-step set-up (including installing the sensor pads) is daunting at first, but the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Any bell or whistle you can think of, the Angelcare has it -- audio alarms, vibrating alarms, thermometer to monitor the temperature in your little one's room, even a "ticking" noise that tells you the sensor is detecting movement and your baby is alive and well.

One of the highlight features is the microphone sensitivity setting, which allows you to pick up the baby's voice without having to listen to other room sounds (a fan, white noise machine) throughout a nap or all night.

Having such a sensitive system does have a couple of small drawbacks, the biggest being that you have to remember to turn off the sensor each time you pick up your baby or risk the alarm going off within 20 seconds, having detected no movement. Remembering to do that several times a night may be a difficult, if not annoying, task. And while we never experienced this during testing, a false alarm isn't unheard of with this system, giving a new mom and dad the scare of their life. Either of these, however, are probably small prices to pay for the extra insurance that having such a finely-tuned monitor system can give.

You'll Want It If: Your baby has any circumstance or condition that puts him in a higher risk for SIDS or requires him to sleep on his tummy before the recommended age. Or if you're a worrier who could just use a little extra peace of mind while your baby sleeps.

Available on Amazon for $139.99. Other models with one parent unit and/or one mattress sensor sell for less.

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