Cute Kid Shoes With a Custom Fit

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Sweet and comfy! Credit: Pediped

You've heard of memory foam mattresses, but how about shoes that use the same technology?

Pediped, a brand known for its soft- and rubber-soled shoes, is using Memory Foam Technology in its new line of sandals and ballet flats. The shoes take on the form of your kid's foot, which lends support, comfort and prevents slipping. The insoles also react to body temperature and distribute weight, making for a custom fit.

When our 5-year-old tester tried out a pair of pink ballet flats in the "Penny" style, she practically squealed: "These are fantastic! I want to wear them forever and never take them off!" Sounds like an endorsement to us.

The Pediped MFT line is available now at select retailers and This line comes in sizes 5 to 12.5. Back-to-school shoppers will find fall/winter styles in July.

Available for $48 to $52 on

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