Jennifer Lopez Tangles With a Restless Tot

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"But I wanna walk, mommy!" Credit: Bauer-Griffin

This photo of Jennifer Lopez with a restless toddler accomplished the thing that "Jenny From the Block" never could: It made J.Lo relatable.

With her entourage, banging post-baby body and general fabulousness, it's hard to relate to la Lopez. But we take some shameless comfort in the fact that the singer-actor-mama has trouble wrangling a toddler, too. The Bronx native looks a little frustrated, but hey, maybe that's just her way of saying, "I'm Real."

Finally, she hands her squirmy son Max to a burly gentleman that appears to be her bodyguard.
Love may not cost a thing, J.Lo, but your bodyguard is priceless.

He's upright again! Credit: Bauer-Griffin

But not for long ... Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Mom takes a break and passes Max off to her bodyguard. Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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