Make July 4th Fireworks Cupcakes

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These fireworks cupcakes will spark your taste buds! Credit: Seth Smoot

Our friend at KitchenDaily shared these festive and delicious July 4th Fireworks cupcakes, and they make us even more proud to be Americans!

July 4th celebrations are marked by nationwide fireworks displays and an abundance of red, white and blue decorations. When considering desserts to serve at your Fourth of July bash, why not opt for fun, decorative cupcakes that incorporate both of these prominent symbols?

About The July 4th Fireworks Cupcakes

No two fireworks displays are alike, so each of Karen and Alan's Fireworks Cupcakes should be decorated in different symmetrical patterns, using any red, white and blue candies you can find at the grocery store. (Use your imagination -- candies can be cut in half, heated and reshaped, or buried under icing to look like different elements of a light display.) Alan creates a spindly fireworks explosion with sliced red and blue licorice and a nonpareil center, while Karen's red sugar-dipped cupcake is lined with round blue candies, miniature red gummy fish and a starlight mint at its core.

To make your own Fireworks Cupcakes, you'll need the following:

12 vanilla cupcakes baked in red, white and blue paper liners
1 can (16 ounces) vanilla frosting
Red and blue decorating sugars
Red white and blue candies such as jelly beans, licorice twists, colored round candies (like M&M's, Spree and Smarties), starlight mints, red hots, fruit leather, licorice laces, sour balls, red and blue gummies (like Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears), and more!

Here are Karen and Alan's easy decorating tips:

Spread the vanilla frosting on top of a cupcake and decorate as desired. Using one larger round candy as the cupcake's center, line other candies in symmetrical layers toward the cupcake's circumference. Don't place candies too close to the cupcake's edge, as they might fall off. This is a project where there really isn't a recipe, just use your imagination!

Check out the video and find more July 4th recipe ideas on KitchenDaily!

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