Little Miss Smarty Pants Dances Her Way Into Our States and Hearts

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When babies are cute as well as smart, we can't help but sit up and take notice.

Dad (who may be a social studies teacher, according to some comments on the video) calls out the states one by one and little Lola points to the right one on the map, followed by the Smarty Pants dance. We adore the way Lola celebrates herself at about :20 seconds, even without a prompt from Dad.

We are not going to chew over how this toddler manages to do it, but let's admit it: She's far better than most of us adults in finding Oregon. Nothing against that lovely north west state, mind you, but many are clueless about basic geography.

Enjoy the video and know that we'll be spending the rest of the day humming the Smarty Pants dance.

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