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"Baby Giraffe No. 5" by Sharon Montrose. Credit: image courtesy of the artist and 20x200

If you think buying original art is out of your league, think again.

Gallery owner Jen Bekman premiered the 20x200 website three years ago as a place where almost any art lover can become an art collector. The site introduces at least two new editions a week, in three or four sizes, with the smallest prints -- in an edition of 200 -- selling at the lowest price -- $20.

Bekman's 20x200 features an extremely wide variety of artists and photographers, some of them very well known -- including William Wegman and Mike + Doug Starn -- and all of them very talented. There's a whole list of kid picks to choose from (we adore this baby giraffe photo), and tons more for the rest of your space.

Available at 20x200 for $20 and up.

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