Michelle Obama Launches Website to Combat Childhood Obesity

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Michelle Obama hasn't been shy in her assessment of American kids: From their fat and calorie-laden diets to their sedentary lifestyles, children in this country are headed down a path of self destruction.

In February, the first lady announced her Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity, and in May she launched a summer exercise series as part of her Let's Move campaign, and now she's launched letsmove.gov, a website dedicated to ending the childhood obesity crisis within a generation.

Her interest in helping American families improve their fitness and nutrition comes from personal experience.

In a video on the site, Obama says that before coming to the White House, she and President Obama were busy working parents who didn't have time to cook healthy meals, and often resorted to feeding their kids fast food and pizza. She said their pediatrician urged her to make some changes in her family's diet, and that making small changes "led to some big results." She adds, "I wanted to bring the lessons I learned to the White House."

She says the Let's Move campaign focuses on four key components:

  • Help families make healthy choices;
  • Improve the quality of food in schools;
  • Improve access to healthy, affordable food; and
  • Increase kids' physical education.
On Tuesday, July 13 at 10 a.m. ET, Obama will discuss the Let's Move campaign and other topics exclusively with AOL readers in a live web chat. Submit your questions to askmichelleobama@aol.com and we'll send them her way.

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