Mama, Make Me a Match

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Geri Brin has the perfect guy for any single woman looking to meet Mr. Right. Her son.

His name is Colby and according to mama matchmaker, he is one of New York City's most eligible bachelors, 31, physically fit, 6'2" and a college graduate.

Brin, 63, is so confident that her son is the #1 catch of the year she launched a website this week to prove her point. Date My Single Kid, part of the social networking site for baby boomers, is designed for parents, like Brin, to help their children find ideal mates.

Although FabOverFifty attracted 40,000 members soon after it launched five months ago, the boomer mom knew something was still missing.

"When you are a parent, a common topic you talk about among your friends is your children. What are they doing, who are they dating, where are they working, stuff like that," Brin tells ParentDish. "As a mother, I can tell you I have spent over six years setting Colby up with dozens of girls I hear about from my pals. Then one day it came to me, why not create a place on the site so other moms can find someone for their children, too."

To make this available to all parents, Brin made the sign-up free of charge, unlike other dating sites. Once the parent enters the system, he or she must write a summary about why this son or daughter is so fabulous, then act as the child's agent for vetting potential paramours.

"Since we kicked off this section, we got over 18,000 hits in just one day for this particular feature, plus 40 new ads," Brin says.

Brin hopes for wedded bliss to emerge from the site, but confesses that she won't be disappointed if it isn't Colby walking down the aisle.

"I just want him to be happy," she says. "I hope he meets a nice girl who will see all of the wonderful things I see in him."

Chances are, mama's boy will get his pick of the crop who sign on. His day job? Running the day-to-day operations and marketing for FabOverFifty.

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